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Sat, Apr. 5th, 2008, 06:53 pm

It's a little bit funny that I am writing a journal right now....Where have I been in the past 3 years? Why haven't I written? Well I've been working LIKE A DOG!! HAHA I will write more very soon!

Sat, Apr. 2nd, 2005, 07:44 am
I should say it? HELLO EVERYBODY!

Well well, what is up? I am sitting here at 7:45 on Saturday morning because I am sick and cannot sleep. I woke up at 6 to call in to work and can't seem to fall asleep again. GRR I wish I wasn't sick, it's not that bad but I just don't like it. Basically my head feels really heavy and my throat is sore and my eyes are watery and I can't stop blowing my nose!!! haha anyways...

I didn't go to school yesterday because my sponsor teacher and I agreed it was a good idea to see my doctor to make sure that I didn't have strep. I was hoping to get through all of student teaching without having to be sick but oh well!

Last night I met Lauren at Ballston Spa High and we went to dinner at this Cafe in Ballston Spa. We had a great time and I think we got a little bit drunk but that's ok! We just laughed a lot and told fun stories about student teaching. We then went back to the school to see their show "Tom Sawyer" and it was pretty good! I was really impressed with the show overall, these kids worked hard!! It was really great to see everyone but it reminded me how much I miss being there. The orchestra was excellent, very small group let by my former sponsor teacher Val! She is so awesome and I was so lucky to student teach with her!

Tonight I reserved a ticket to see the gala at Cohoes Music Hall but I am not sure if I will go or not. I really don't feel well right now and I am tired so we will see how the day goes. It also costs $35 which is not cheap.

So I still haven't heard from Eastman and it's making me very nervous! I just want to know!!!! I did get a call from Draper Middle School in the Mohonasen school district to come in for an interview next Tuesday. That is exciting! I really have to get my portfolio in some kind of working shape before I go.

Only two weeks from today until I see Audra at Proctors and I AM SO EXCITED!! She was amazing the other night in the concert version of "Passion" on PBS. Michael Cerveris and Patti Lupone were excellent as well. It was more like a fully staged production than a concert version!!!

So tomorrow I am working from 9:30-3:30 and then I need to work on my portfolio, clean my room and write up some lesson plans for Monday!! I am currently teaching First and Third grade classes and really enjoying it!

I hope I feel better soon.....farewell!

Mon, Mar. 28th, 2005, 10:31 pm
solid jackson

Well I should be writing my student teacher journal right now but instead I am doing this because it is much more important! haha I also need to actually write out my lesson plan so that my supervisor has it for when she comes to observe me tomorrow. It's a good thing I am writing about this and not doing it.


Vedrana called me on Saturday night and it was great to talk to her. She is such a great friend of mine and I miss her very much!! I love it when she doesn't speak english correctly, it makes me laugh very hard. She got into Mannes which is hilarious for some people!!! Oh that Bosnian!! I love her!

On Friday night I went out with Margaret and we met Mike and Liz at a bar called Mulberry's in Schenectady. It used to be called something else that is very funny but I forget the name right now. It was pretty fun and Margaret and I were supposed to go bowling but I guess she had other plans with some of her boyfriend's friends which really pissed me off. I tried not to show it though. But I was looking forward to bowling or just hanging out with her and it didn't seem like she wanted to so I guess that's that. When she called me the next morning to go to the gym, I didn't answer my phone and never called her back, I guess I am really being mature about this. I just get upset at things like that when people don't care about other people's feelings. I understand that she was drunk but still we had plans. This kind of thing happens to me a lot lately and I don't know why because it is something that I would never do to someone else.

I had a nice Easter, I worked from 10-3:30 and then went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. It was nice to see my family even though they are kinda low energy. I like the fact that holidays are mostly a reason for families to get together because I am a big family person. I want to have a big family someday and just really enjoy life.

Today I was back at the elementary school and I taught first grade again. This class was really slow and we didn't get half as far as we did in the other first grade classes. Oh well. I have my first observation tomorrow and I am looking forward to it! I need to get to school early to get my lesson plan in good shape. Oh teaching.....

I really hope to hear back from Eastman regarding my admission status. They said they would start mailing out notices on March 15 and it is currently the 28th!!! Talk about stressful mail retieval!!!

I found out today that I passed my last teacher certification exam so now I can apply for certification!!! All I have to say about those tests is
"Mashed potatoes and gravy, Marie."

So graduation is getting closer and still we have no place for the party. Can you believe this??? All I know is that Peter Pause better be catering because they make the best Chicken Parm I have ever had.

I have been a bad friend lately and not written Emily an email or responded to her lovers of laughter club. What is wrong with me? I certainly am a lover of laughter!!!! I miss her a lot, mostly her laugh and sense of humor.

I am coming to Potsdam on April 15 to see Threepenny Opera!!! I am very excited. I will depart for home the next day because Audra will be at Proctors and I have a seat in the second row!!! Oh yes.. Then we go to Florida the day after that so I will be extremely busy.

That's all for now.

Goodbye my looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove!


Thu, Mar. 24th, 2005, 10:24 pm
hello friend

So it is 10:15 on March 24 and I have decided to write. hmmm

I began part two of my student teaching adventure this past week, if you can call it a week!! I began Tuesday at noon, all day Wednesday and we had a two hour delay today due to snow and no school tomorrow because it's Good Friday!! WOAH! Well anyways, I really am enjoying Elementary school! The kids are so much fun and they really love music and always want to participate. It's also nice to be able to sleep an hour longer in the morning!! My sponsor teacher is wonderful, I was really lucky to get two great teachers as my mentors.

My graduation party isn't coming along very well because we are having a difficult time trying to find a place to have it. grrrr!

Last weekend I went to NYC with my friend Chris and had a spectacular time. I always do when I go to NYC. We tried twice to get lottery tickets to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels but did not win. :-( Margaret met us at Grand Central Station (we drove to Poughkeepsie and took the train in) and we then went out for breakfast. We went to this cool little place called Pax and got breakfast even though the guy there was not so happy about it...haha. We ended up getting student tickets for Little Women and Jessie met us for the matinee performance. SUTTON FOSTER? Does she sing? HAHAHA I guess she's pretty good!? The show was great overall, really good music and performances with a weak storyline, too many holes! Chris and I went for a really nice walk in Central Park before the show and that was my first time in the park. It was a really nice experience, just walking and talking amongst so many other people, I just felt like I belonged there. Next we met up with Margaret and her boyfriend Matt for dinner and after walking to several places, we ended up going to Applebees and paid a lot of money for not a lot of food! HAHA it was a good time though. I really miss Margaret a lot, not in the sense that I wish I was still dating her, but in the friend way. She is probably the closest person I have ever had in my life. No matter how long goes between seeing her I still feel as comfortable as when I used to see her everyday. Oh boy. hahah so Chris and I proceeded to get standing room tickets (sorry Chris) for The Producers. It was a fantastic show, as it was the last time I saw it. Hilarious and highly entertaining even though I got really tired from standing. Chris' car was kinda going crazy on the way home and that was funny but not funny at the same time. I was concerned for him and his car but the sound was very funny! I really like going to the city with someone who appreciates it as much as I do and can be active and walk around a lot. I love walking in the city!!! OH MAN! ha. I also like hearing Chris say "Balls on my chin!"

I taught two first grade classes today and did an excellent job according to my sponsor teacher. I really feel comfortable with little kids and feel like I can get on their level but still remain an authoritative figure. I think I am really going to enjoy the little kids but I do miss the high school very much, I felt like the transition was so abrupt!

I love to sing and had an excellent audition at Eastman last month. I really hope that they accept me for grad school because nothing would make me happier right now in my life. I will be performing in South Pacific at Park Playhouse as a part of the ensemble. I have really enjoyed performing there the past 2 years and hope to enjoy myself again. I am happy that the season has been cut down by one week because it will give me more of a vacation. I really need to get a good paying job for the summer!

I miss many people and feel so alone at times but I guess I create that. Everything that happens to me, or doesn't happen is because that is how I want it. I fully understand that I am responsible for my life and how everything happens in it. Who knows what I will be doing one year from now. I know that I need to lose weight and get in shape. I would also like to take dance lessons because I enjoy it but am not the best dancer.

I love my family, friends and life goals!
Stay in school!

Fri, Jul. 30th, 2004, 04:46 pm

Hello livejournal!! I haven't seen you in ages. What is new? I have been performing in Fiddler on the Roof at Park Playhouse in Albany since July 6 and I am having a wonderful time there. It is a really excellent show. I have also been working my butt off at Price Chopper where nobody chops prices more!!! I hope to go on vacation at the end of this summer, Myrtle Beach would be nice because I really like it there.
Today I worked from 9-3 and I have just been hanging out at home programming my phone numbers into my new cell phone, how exciting!! I am going out to dinner with my Mom, Dad and two brothers in a little bit. It'll be our last time out as a family for a while because my older brother Dan is moving to Atlanta for his job for an unknown period of time. A month from today I begin my final semester at Potsdam and I am excited about that!!! I really want to get out of there, I have spent plenty of time for sure!! I also cannot wait to student teach! I need to get my stuff ready for the show and then go to dinner. I will definitely be writing in here more!!! Bye for now! 8-)

Thu, Mar. 25th, 2004, 12:42 am
Has this been done?

What is new? Not too much. Break was pretty good, I auditioned in Natick, MA at the New England Theatre Conference which was great. It was incredible to realize the entire picture of this audition. All of the preparation, travelling and money that is spent on a trip like this and all I get is two minutes to perform for producers of many different theatre companies. I got some callbacksand I enjoyed the experience. During the week I worked almost every day and went to Krispy Kreme almost every day which is BEYOND INCREDIBLE!!!! I think I am sick of it now, so that is good. I just can't believe that there is a Krispy Kreme so close to my house!!! The last day of my break I had an audition for Lake George Opera which is somewhere that I would really like to work at this summer. I loved working there two years ago, it was a lot of fun!! The audition went really well and I was very happy with my performance. Now I am back at school and basically doing nothing but Madwoman, which is the play that I am performing in that goes up next week. It is an excellent play and I really love most of the people involved. I think BROOKE CARTUS is an incredible woman!!!! She's very funny and she can sing like a mamma jamma AND she loves Mixed Nuts, which almost no one knows. Weather is getting better here and I can't wait for it to get warmer. I just re-arranged my room and now I need to CLEAN IT!!! I like the new format very much. This semester has been quite excellent in many ways and I am so happy about that. I love many things and people. Now I need to sleep, goodnight!!

Tue, Mar. 9th, 2004, 12:25 am
i don't understand...why can't you get a sponge??

What's new?
I had an extremely busy weekend involving Crane Audition Day tours, Arts council dance party, sleep and cooking with Vedrana. She is a fantastic person and performer and she CAN COOK TOO!!! She's great. I also had a good time with Emily this weekend, I am excited for her audition in Boston on Thursday, I am sure she will sing beautifully. I am also excited for my upcoming audition but also a little unsettled because of my lingering cold, grrrr. I really don't like Crane Chorus and I don't think it should be required. Dominic said that no one really cares about it and I agree with him because if it weren't required, how many people would voluntarily take it and not have any alterior (sucking up) motives?
So the play is going pretty well I guess........riiight. The best thing that's happened as a result of me doing this play was meeting Sarah Dolan and becoming good friends with her, she is an amazing human being and I feel privileged to know her. Extremely talented, beautiful, funny, smart AND possesses the best quality anyone can have - she isn't fake and doesn't put up with bullshit!!!! GO Sarah!
So this weekend I also did some hanging out with Colin, Molly, John Paul and Cate which was pretty cool. I laughed a lot and laughing is my favorite. Cate is Winkler's new girlfriend and she is mucho awesome. John Paul is just weird. Molly is a great person and very funny and Colin is my frat brother and he's a really great guy, but ladies, sadly he's taken........8-) Okay I'm going to go get ready for bed! Until next time........

Thu, Mar. 4th, 2004, 12:29 am
I won't mind...

Well hello, I am just getting ready for bed and I thought it would be a good time to write in my journal. Today was a pretty good day for me. I had an anthropology test that I wasn't really prepared for but oh well, I did fine. I had a nice lunchtime with Vedrana, she is so hilarious and we called and scheduled appointments for Lake George Opera chorus auditions. We also made plans to cook dinner this Sunday which I am very excited about!!! I went to the Arts Council for my Internship hours today and that was fun. Then a CSA meeting and play rehearsal, just a typical day in the life of Michael Lotano.
So lately things have been going pretty well for me. I am generally happy and in a good mood. I've become closer to some pretty amazing people in the past couple of weeks and these relationships are very important to me. I think people are just extremely fascinating and I learn so much from them everyday that I breathe. I am really looking forward to dating someone in the near future. Not to say that this will actually happen, but it would be great if something worked out.
I am learning several new songs for my informal recital, the date for which has yet to be determined. My favorite so far is Neue Liebe by Mendelssohn which means "New Love." So I've been spending a lot of time thinking about life and everything and have come to the conclusion that I need to live my life the way I want to and do what I want. I also need to appreciate things and people much more and realize what is and has always been important. I am always thinking about so many things that it drives me crazy sometimes. I think about how I wish I weren't so aware of everything that goes on around me. I feel like I have to know and if I don't then I am missing out. I pay too much attention and I am always shocked when I see people who pay none whatsoever, I feel like it would be great to be them in some instances but then not at other times. Oh well, I'll just have to accept Crazy as my label. I am getting really tired so I am going to stop rambling. I love life, people and sleeping so.................goodnight!

Mon, Mar. 1st, 2004, 03:44 pm
I wasn't born with this scar........

I love "Violet" - the music is soo awesome, as are the lyrics. So I have a free couple of minutes and I decided to update!!!! Not too much happened today. I got up at 8am (grr) and Emily picked me up and we went to the gym for some old-fashioned exercise. Then I got ready for the day and went to Anthropology. The woman who teaches this class is CRAZY!! She speaks with such an urgent tone and talks to us as if we are constantly arguing with her, it's completely ridiculous. No one is ever fighting her so I don't understand her reasoning. Anyways, I then went to Theory class where I wished everyone a happy "Music in our Schools" month as well as just a happy March. I mentioned to everyone how March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion!!! I think everyone found that interesting. Then Lauren Smith brought up how I am from Schenectady and how ghetto it is and then Lyn Burkett started questioning me on the ghettoness of Schenectady......thanks Lauren. At 12, I bought lunch and ate it during my office hour in the CSA office. I wrapped coin from our fundraiser so that we can deposit it and then I went to Genetics. I was so shocked to hear that we had a quiz today, I definitely did not study. That class goes by fast, it was funny today because we were discussing sex. I couldn't believe I heard my professor say "precum," I didn't think that was the technical term for what comes out of the penis before ejaculation - but what do i know!? Tonight I am going to the new Chinese Buffet restaurant in Potsdam and I am really excited because I really like the Chinese Buffet near me and I hope this will be just as good. I don't have rehearsal but I do have to usher the concert tonight so I have to make sure I am back by 6:45!!! Only 2 weeks left until Spring Break and my audition!!!! I need to get a monologue SOON!!!!! I am singing "Mr. Cellophane" and I need to find a monologue to perform with it because I don't want to sing 2 songs. I am slightly nervous about this audition but also very excited!!! I am going to go fold my laundry now!!!


Sun, Feb. 29th, 2004, 01:31 pm
HAHAH i'm insane

Well let me say for the millionth time that I haven't written in this journal for a long time. I start writing and then I go for months and totally forget about it. I start reading other people's journals and it makes me miss mine. I really think it's cool to look back and read these months, even years later. So not too much has been going on with me lately. I am still living in a nice house and going to school at Crane in Potsdam. I am in a play called "The Madwoman of Chaillot" by Jean Giradoux. The whole process of that is quickly driving me insane. I recently got an audition to the New England Theater Conference, or NETC. I am really excited about this because this might result in a summer job in a theater in the area. I have been drinking a little bit the past 2 weekends and I am having a good time. There are a lot of awesome people up here and I am sure there are so many more than I know about. Last night I went out with my friends Emily and Mike. We had a hilarious time at dinner, or maybe it was just me but my side hurt from laughing when we left. I can't wait to go to NYC in April to see Assassins and A Raisin in the Sun. My girl Audra McDonald is in the latter and I love her in whatever she does, she's amazing..... In other news, Krispy Kreme Donuts recently opened a store near my home and I cannot wait to go there........I think sometimes I have trouble focusing because my brain is constantly having thoughts. HAHAHA. I really would like to continue to have a great semester and meet more new people. I really love life right now!!! Spring break is in 2 weeks and I am looking forward to going home to work and also my audition of course, I just need to get myself a monologue!!! I am currently in the process of planning an informal recital sometime in early May but I am not sure when yet. I think this is a great idea that my teacher had because I love performing and it will also help motivate me to learn a bunch of new rep. I have a little again in Phi Mu Alpha- his name is Matt and he's a really nice and cool guy. I am excited to help him along the process. The other guys who are pledging are definitely cool too, I just don't yet know them well. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it's Sunday and I need to do a lot of homework and stuff. At least it's warm outside and maybe i can go for a walk or something soon. I hope everyone is doing well and I miss all my friends whom I have not seen in a while. I will write in this sometime this week, I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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